World Spins

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Release date: 2016 April 15

Songs 1-6: Produced by Orren Merton & Don Gunn Mixed by Don Gunn

Songs 7-8: Remixed by Barry Wood credits released April 15, 2016

All songs by Orren Merton © 2016 O My Aching Soul Music (ASCAP)

Except Subdivisions by Geddy Lee Weinrib, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart ©1982 Ole Toreador Tunes

Recorded by: Orren Merton @ Ember Studios, Orange County, CA Don Gunn @ The Office, Seattle, WA Barry Wood @ The Other Room

Mastered by: Ed Brooks for RFI Mastering

Lyrics and Notes:

World Spins
Into the Sea
Front and Center

Into the Sea: