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Release date: 2017 February 17

Written by Orren Merton 
Produced by Don Gunn and Orren Merton 
Mixed by Don Gunn 
Mastered by Barry Wood 

Orren Merton: Vocals, guitars, synthesizers 
Don Gunn: Drums, programming 
Barry Wood: Bass, synthesizers



Narcissistic jingoist 
Jack boots made from solid gold 
Kleptocratic plutocrats 
Stealing more than they can hold 

Politburo proclamations 
Doublespeak and disavow 
Legitimize disinformation 
Keep them down until they bow 


Shock troops bathed in propaganda 
The patriotic blind obey 
Disenfranchise the dissenter 
Xenophobe on display 

Don’t fall prey to their deception 
The only way out is through 
Meet doubt with determination 
Reckoning long overdue 


We can be the change we seek 
Transform the cruel and oblique 
Crush the hate and plant anew 
All that’s defiled we can undo 

Altruism isn’t dead 
Still afraid to rear its head 
But despite the doubt and fear 
We can still persevere