Forever or Better

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Release date: 2020 October 1

Written by Orren Merton 
Produced by Orren Merton 
Mixed by Orren Merton 
Mastered by Orren Merton 

Orren Merton: Vocals, guitars, synthesizers, programming 
Barry Wood: Bass

Art by Jen Gray

Forever or Better:


Corrosion of the very core
Up is not above anymore
Naked truth gets dressed in lies
No lining in this cloud of despise

This is now or this is ever
Lost my compass in the never
Still can feel the sun and rain
Is there nothing left but pain

Pararalyzed between forever or better
Cant decide between forever or better

Crashing all around inside
Poison and formaldehyde
Gaslight fiction into fact
Shut our eyes to keep intact

But the remains are not all black
Tooth and nail we’ll claw back
We will for us I will for her
Fight for a future more secure

Paralyzed by forever or better
Can’t decide between forever or better

I choose better…