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New album released: World Spins!

At long last, Ember After has a new album! Titled World Spins, a couple of the songs have been up on Soundcloud for a while, while the rest are new. These songs were recorded between 2012-2016, with the exception of our cover of Rush’s Subdivisions, which was recorded for The Misery EP. Here is the bandcamp widget with the album and all of it’s songs:

In addition to bandcamp, you can also buy the album on iTunes or Google Play. You can also stream the album on Apple Music and Google Play Music. As the album becomes available on other services, I’ll let you know.

A lot of love, sweat, and energy went into these tracks, and we hope that you enjoy them. The lyrics are available in the PDF Booklet that comes with the album (the bandcamp and iTunes versions, at least). If you like some or all of what you hear, please shout it from the rooftops (or at least social media). You guys are our “street team” and we rely on word of mouth to let people know that our music is out there.

Thanks, and on to the next release!