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New Lyric Video for Outrage!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but this is something worth telling you about. I put together a video for the song Outrage off our latest release, World Spins. The song is about today’s culture of outrage that seems to have taken over. Everyone is poised to find something to be outraged about, all the […]

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New YouTube video for Sick Of It!

Ember After’s world conquest continues with a new lyric video for Sick Of It from The Misery EP! Our plan is to continue to upload more of The Misery EP and other songs to YouTube, since these days it seems YouTube is one of the most popular ways for kids to stumble across songs. Eventually, […]

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Video for Misery now on YouTube

There is now a video for the song Misery up on YouTube!┬áIf you’ve wondered what the words to the song are, or you use YouTube as your main channel for music discovery, here you go! Our intention is to eventually create an “official” video for this (and other) songs from The Misery EP that are […]

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