Meet Ember After

What is Ember After?

Do you like your frustration and anguish served with a side of tasty synthesizers and a heap of muscular guitars? Then Ember After has just the right sound for you. Ember After offers smart words, punchy rhythms, dark themes, catchy melodies, and lots and lots of fuzz. Call it industrial, metal, goth, alternative, whatever. Call it calypso and salsa music ground together in the devil’s blender, if that’s what you want. It’s fine with us. We’re less concerned with labels than with writing the most intense and interesting songs we can. Enjoy!

Who is Ember After?

Main Ember Members:
Orren Merton
Don Gunn
Barry Wood

Additional Ember Members:
Mike Ashcroft
Katie Feld
Kelly Wood
Pers Boysen
Ed DeGenaro
Brian Catalano
Eric Dines
Tim Dorney
Roland Guerin
Eli Krantzberg
Mai Pham

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